Research & Development

Blue Lab IT offers complete problem solving services. Whether you are developing a new product from scratch or improving existing one, our experts have the experience, expertise and resources to facilitate your needs.
These are some of R&D areas that may be interesting for your business:

  • User experience improvement.

  • User behavior analysis.

  • Technology research and porting existing projects to new technologies.

  • New technologies and algorithms development.

  • Applying computer science to real world problems.

Previous research pointed out that companies with a persistent R&D strategy outperform those with an irregular or no R&D investment program. We are making a great effort to include R&D in every building process, providing more effective and optimized results.

Software Engineering

Blue Lab IT has three main departments, working in the following software engineering areas:

  • Desktop and Enterprise Applications development.

  • WEB development.

  • Mobile devices development.

We have experienced teams consisting of:

  • Software engineers and programmers

  • Project managers

  • Business consultants

  • Testers

  • Designers

  • Technical writers

We can create a custom built team of dedicated developers working on your projects and adjusted for your specific needs, allowing you to achieve fast and quality development and to reduce development cost and your management engagement.
Our application development experience in various programming languages and on various platforms allows us to make better decisions while selecting platform and designing software architecture. We developed products for wide range of different industry sectors.


Blue Lab IT can offer wide range of professional industry design solutions:

  • WEB design.

  • Game design.

  • GUI design in general.

Our designer team works closely with our development departments, enabling us to provide complete solutions to our clients. We not only deliver good looking design. We will help you to create unique image and identity of your business and your projects.

Support and Maintenance

Finalizing project development is just the beginning of the application life cycle. Real quality of the service is best measured by the quality of support & maintenance process that follows.
We can offer full support & maintenance for all of the projects developed by our team or co-produced with our partner companies and other third parties. Blue Lab IT provides following support & maintenance services:

  • Regular bug fixesand improvement updates.

  • Custom features ordered by clients.

  • Software localizations.

  • Troubleshooting with the help of our experts.


We are dedicated in supporting small and medium sized businesses with IT Support and IT Consultancy solutions. We aim to provide personalized and flexible level of service which can not be matched by larger competitors.
Whether you are developer seeking for help in technology you are using in your projects or a client using some of our products, our experts can help you solve your problems. Blue Lab team can offer following consultation services:

  • Help with products road-map.
  • TDD – Test Driven Development coaching.
  • Change Management and continuous integration consulting.
  • General development help.


Blue Lab offers all standard SEO (Search Engine Optimization) related services that will help you to improve Google, Bing, and Yahoo search engine page rankings and to increase monthly traffic:

  • Keyword compliance research and finding of adequate content keywords.
  • Competitor product research.
  • Achieved results analysis.
  • Finding virtual marketing opportunities and online branding.
  • Data content analysis.
  • Site optimization 
  • Social media setup optimization.
  • Partnership opportunities research.
  • Backlinks management.
  • Directories management.
  • Article distribution
  • Reporting