Current projects

EnergyCoin (ENRG)

It is a crypto currency like Bitcoin being cloned in 2014 of the PeerCoin the first Proof-of-stake currency.

The currency is meant to provide a platform for communities, companies and individuals to built energy applications using the inherent strengths of crypto currencies and blockchains. The purpose of the coin is to facilitate the so-called Energy Transition and the move away from fossil fuels towards local generation and renewables.

Practical examples will be published on our Blog. We believe this technology contains some key benefits over existing technologies being open source, distributed and safe it brings the technological benefits to communities who are organized the same way.

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Einsteinium (EMC2)

A Bitcoin-like currency with a philanthropic side goal of funding scientific research let community members vote on which worthwhile scientific research projects the proceeds should be awarded too. "Scientific research it is [sic] a long-term investment in our future, and the future of our planet," the foundation claims. "Funding around the world for the big ideas has fallen dramatically in recent years. There is no restriction on eligible projects other than that the "science involved is pushing our understanding forward and could build us a better, safer future. 
"To reach a wider audience than just the mining community it is essential that Einsteinium is freely traded on the exchanges and used for purchasing goods and services," the foundation writes. "Einsteinium should be as available as possible to as many people as possible to enable that trading."

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Two more coins in pipeline.